I am Etienne, I make noise for game, app, animation, film, advertising.

I've always been fascinated by the sonic world surrounding us, the special relationship it has with the visible. And I also love stories ! I naturally turned to cinema studies. I got my degree in sound engineering (ESRA, audio department). Then I continued with a master degree in sound design for interactive media at ENJMIN.

I work in the video game industry and animation film for 8 years.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Skills :

- Imagine and create sounds to support stories, characters, improve feedback and immersion of players / spectators.
- Sound implementation and mix of linear and interactive projects.
- Establish and understand a technical chart of multimedia projects.
- Check the functioning and audio quality of a project (test and debug).
- Find simple and creative solutions for technical problems and time constraints.
- Interactive audio system design and implementation.
- Abilities to adapt, learn and communicate.
- Able to work under pressure.
- Work as a team.
- Curious and industrious, like sharing and learning.


- Audio recording, design and editing
- Tools and audio engine design
- Technical Implementation
- Audio engine : WWise, FMOD, XACT
- Audio software : pro tools, ableton live, reaper, sony vegas, soundforge, twisted wave, pure-data - Pipeline production, plannings


- Relationship between sound and storytelling
- Surround, ambisonic, 3D virtual sound, holophonic, binaural - Sound synthesis
- Procedural audio
- Psychoacoustic


Logo by the talented @shoobAKA